Bears by Two Hearts

Designed and handmade by Trish Hansford

Attention!  Private Boomer reporting for duty!

This bear is proud to wear an army hat and jacket.  He is made from curly, 3/4" Hembold mohair that is a tie-dyed Autumn color. 

His paw and foot pads are made from a complementary linen.  I have stitched my hearts in an over dyed thread; color, Terra Cotta.

He has German, black glass eyes and an embroidered black cotton thread nose.

He's a pretty hefty bear filled with copper coated steel shot, two types of polyfiber and lots of love and hugs.

He stands freely at 16 inches and sits at 10 inches. 

He comes with his jacket, hat, and his MI Carbine Rifle.  The rifle is bolt action and really works with caps!

Adoption fee:  $220.00


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