Bears by Two Hearts

Designed and handmade by Trish Hansford

Meet Hickory!

This sweet bear is made from a gorgeous 1 and 1/8" dense swirly mohair.

The color is a rich dark brown with bleached tips.  Truly a beautiful Schulte mohair.  One of the finest!

Pictures do not do justice to his eyes or nose.  I hand painted his eyes a spice brown with gold flecks.  His nose

is embroidered with two different threads; a black Perle cotton and a metallic polyester thread by Rainbow Gallery.

Hickory's paw, foot pads, and inner ears are made with a dark brown ultra suede.

My logo (2 hearts) is machine embroidered onto his left foot pad.

Hickory is stuffed with two types of polyfiber filling.  He is a BIG boy who stands with some assistance at

17.5" but really prefers to sit at 12".

Adoption fee:  $255.00


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