Bears by Two Hearts

Designed and handmade by Trish Hansford

Introducing Butterscotch!

Butterscotch is made from a Schulte 5/8" curly mohair.  The color is blends of cream to shades of butterscotch.  The backing on this mohair is as beautiful as the mohair itself with the variations of color.  You can see this from her snout.

Her paw and foot pads are made from ultrasuede in a camel tone.  Instead of my two stitched hearts, Butterscotch wears a double heart brass charm on her left foot pad.

Her eyes are German, black glass and her nose has been embroidered using Perle cotton thread; black.

She is stuffed with two types of polyfiber and lots of love and hugs.

She is small gal, that can stand with some assistance at 10 inches but prefers to sit at 7.5 inches.

Sorry, I have been adopted.

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